For Coaches, Consultants, and Expat Entrepreneurs!

With Dominika Miernik


 Would you love to create a business with simplicity, fun and freedom?


Do you want to start your own business you can run from anywhere and which you can take with you wherever you want to live?


Have you been dreaming of being your own boss?


Or do you want to take your business idea to the next level, drawn your clients to you and finally get results?

If Yes, I am inviting you to Businessful Circle Online Course

A High Value And Affordable Key To Your Effortless Success

Hi, my name is Dominika. My own international and traditional career experience started over 15 years ago when I moved from a small Polish town to study psychology at the University of Rome.


During that time I covered various positions in recruitment, career counselling, sales, marketing and customer service.

I worked in Rome, Milan, London and Manchester.

I liked my job, but when I realised that something was missing I wish to achieve more rather than only paying my bills.

I wanted to combine all my personal experience as expat in regards of: my background in recruitment, psychology and career counselling. I decided to reorganise my life and make work fit my life instead of being priority of it.

The company for which I was working for was sold out in 2012 to a larger corporation and that was the right time for me to change my professional life. In result I handled my resignation, next I signed for the coaching course and set up my own business.

In a few months time I started to work with first paying clients, put solid structures into my business, and relocated back to Italy.

Now I am enjoying a laptop lifestyle, travelling the world and coaching wonderful clients.

I have been awarded as the best International Coach of 2015 by The Coaching Academy.

Actually I want to help you build up a business which suits your life, values and purposes, a business which you can create wherever you choose to live.

You might think that to start your own business you need to work hard and master all the marketing techniques.

I know how you feel.


The fact is that, on your journey to becoming a coach or an entrepreneur,  you can often:

struggle to achieve your goal on your own, without any support

get discouraged, overwhelmed and confused with all the information out there

procrastinate or even give up

experience self-doubt and sabotage your business idea

spin in circles second guessing decisions

going in five different directions at once and then get nowhere on any of them

or even get bored with your own dream business

The solution is my Businessful Circle Online Course.



You will get:

  1. Clarity: Clarify how you can use your skills, assets, knowledge and talents to create a business with simplicity, fun and freedom

  2. Business Vision: Get crystal clear about  what type of business you want to create and map out your business goals, so you can finally be clear about what you want to do as a business owner

  3. Ideal Client: Get clear about who do you want to serve and how to reach to your dream clients

  4. Your Offer: What kind of services your clients are looking for and how you can package them

  5. Action Plan: Create step by step strategy to achieve your business goals

  6. Marketing Plan: Develop your own personal, simple and effective marketing strategy to get your business started, drawn your dream paying clients to you, and grow your business

  7. Sales Strategy: You will develop a simple and effective, not pushy, sales strategy which will help you to easily and effectively sell your services

  8. and much more....


Here what will be included:


  1. Businessful Money Workbook that will help you to overcome your limiting thoughts about money, connect with your true desires, and achieve your income goals by being authentic and aligned to your business and life vision

  2. 30 Businesful Modules. You will get the EXACT templates I use consistently to get results, clarity and focus in my business

  3. Access to Over 90 Recordings of Live Group Coaching/Q&A Sessions, Live Videos and Webinars which will give you direction and a clear step by step plan to start and grow your dream business

  4. You'll learn about all the subjects related to starting up and running a business: marketing, how to get visible to your clients, clarity about your business, obstacles and how to overcome them

  5. Online Facebook group. You will have an opportunity to join an intimate Facebook group of people like you and you will feel inspired and supported

  6. My expert guidance, coaching and support, you will have a possibility to ask me any question about busines

  7. Confidence: Build up your confidence and how you might overcome obstacles which might appear on your road

  8. And Additional Bonuses

Businessful Money Book

You Will Uncover

  1. In this 30 pages workbook, you’ll find 9 tried-and-tested tools and steps to help you grow your financial abundance
  2. How to overcome your limiting thoughts about money and change your money frequency
  3. Discover how you can achieve your own income goals, stay true to your desires and make an impact through your business
  4. Take actions in alignment with your business vision and create your business with simplicity and fun
  5. Discover what is stopping you from achieving your financial results in your business

30 Businessful Modules

You Will Uncover

  1. Exactly how to get Crystal Clear on your business vision, income goals so you can create your business around your dream lifestyle
  2. The Daily, Weekly Templates to help you achieve your business goals
  3. What is your Uniqueness Element which will differentiate you from other business owners, coaches, consultants
  4. How To Drawn Your Dream Clients to you by discovering and sharing your own story

Businessful Circle Special Facebook Group

The power of a support group is priceless.

  1. Access to an intimate group where you will be surrounded by people like you, who are on the same journey to work on what they love
  2. Plus you will get my own help and expert advice on how to get started and run your business, drawn your clients to you and live the life you always desired.


You will also receive

  1. 29 video and audio interviews of Effortless Success In Your Portable Career & Business Summit 2018 (Value €997)
  2. 27 interviews of Take Your Career With You Summit 2017 with the Top Experts in the World regarding portable careers and businesses and now all their secrets are available to you with a single click (Value €925)
  3. Start Your Own Successful Portable Career 5 Day Video Training (Value €78)
  4. Coaching Business Start Up 7 Day Mini E-Course (Value €97)
  5. Plus as a member of Businessful Circle Online Course, you will get 20% off on all my coaching packages until the end of 2021


You will gain courage, accountability, momentum, support and new resources!


I want to keep it crazy affordable for you.

So if you decided to become a member of Businessful Circle Your Investment is.


197(Usual Price €297)

    Businessful Circle Group Program:

    Businessful Money Workbook

    30 Businessful Modules

    Access to Over 90 Recordings of Q&A Calls, Live Videos and Webinars

    Private Facebook Group



    This program is intentionally designed in a way to assist you with organisation, business development and growth, self-coaching, self-accountability goal-setting and implementation.

    It is the culmination of everything I’ve learnt about creating an online business around my desired lifestyle.

    All ready for you to access and implement in your own biz.

    Upon signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email from me with instant access to your membership site, where your guidebook and templates are waiting for you. So you can start taking actions!

    After This Course You Will Be Able To:


    • Feel Confident in starting and growing your own dream business
    • Have a crystal clear vision about your business goals and how to achieve them without burning out
    • Be confident being visible with your business offerings, products, message, and start enjoying making money
    • Get clear about your marketing plan and how to drawn your dream clients to you
    • Be focused on exactly what steps you need to take to grow your business without being overwhelmed
    • Create a business which is aligned with your true self and your desired life vision
    • Take your business with you wherever you want to live

    It's Time For You To Create A Business You Have Always Wanted!

    Businessful Circle is a course for coaches, consultants, aspiring online entrepreneurs and expat women who want to create a business around their global lifestyle.

    How does it work?

    • Once you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email from me with instant access to your membership site, where your guidebook and 30 Businessful modules and all the bonuses are waiting for you
    • You can download all the modules, ebook and fill them out and watch all the videos according to your own time
    • You can ask me your questions in our Facebook group where we have our Special Q&A Days
    • You get unlimited access to the course
    • If you purchase access to Premium or Super Star packages we will schedule all our sessions to help you reach your business goals

    What My Clients Are Saying About My Work

    I love working with Dominika as she is really passionate about her work and involved with full heart in all issues her client could have. She helps and shares with all knowledge and resources.  I become a coach specialising in youth, parents and also women, who moved to other countries after their partners. Dominika helped me find many ways and sources of incomes and how to expand my business.

    Dorota Brussels

    I want to thank you very much for your support, advice and guidelines during coaching session. It helped me so much!
    I value your coaching approach very much. The first valuable step for me was a very detailed and good preparation before the coaching session. 3 letters with questions that I received, helped me to be well prepared for our conversation. Writing down the answers, I prioritised and clarified the goals, obstacles and actions. So, it became clear for me what I want to achieve, what stops me and what I should do.

    Olga The Netherlands

    Dominika helps me to find and focus on my strengths, she has always been positive and helped me keep up the positive vibe no matter how much I feel like giving up when looking to change careers. As a result of her webinars, coaching sessions I am now making notes and have created a vision board. Dominika brings invaluable suggestions which have really broadened my thinking and focus. Of course, I will need to slowly implement them into reality and focus one step at a time. Learning that baby steps can also be good steps. All the multitasking did definitely make me procrastinate.

    I have always been a multitasker and took on a few many tasks at a time, but Dominika reminded me that it was totally reasonable to take one task on at a time. One of her webinars I found particularly useful as it reminded me of the steps on how to prioritize my tasks for the day. It was something that I had already knew, but just her presentation in itself made me realize how easy it is to forget such simple of things and we need those reminders. Not only has Dominika helped and helping me on my career front but in different facets of my life. She is very passionate, as I have mentioned positive and supportive and enjoys what she does. I highly recommend working with Dominika.

    Y. Naidoo, Poland

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • q-iconI havn't started my business yet? Will this course support me?

      If you are thinking about starting your own business, then this course is for you. It will help you with your initial steps like getting clear who do you want to serve, and how you can help your dream clients. It will also help you to map out your business vision and your marketing plan.

    • q-iconIs this course only for coaches?

      No, this course is for coaches, consultants and expat women who want to create a business around their international life. If you are thinking about creating a product, this programme is for you, too.

    • q-iconWhen can I start?

      You can start right now after you purchase the Businessful Circle programme you will get access to your membership site.

    • q-iconI have already my business, is this course for me?

      If you are not getting the results you desire in your business or you are not happy with your business, then Businessful Circle is for you.

    By enrolling in this course you agree to these Terms and Conditions


    I am looking forward to working with you and to celebrate your success!

    It will be my honour to guide you and support you!

    See you in Businessful Circle!